Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy

Since 2006, Healing Arenas, Inc. has been certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.  The EAGALA model was evolved after facilitators noticed undeniable emotional healing benefits while children and adults were recipients of hippotherapy, better known as handicapped riding.  The non-profit organization was incorporated in 1999, and the model is now practiced in over 70 countries across the World!  Learn more about EAGALA and how our services are provided here:  http://www.eagala.org/works.

Activities with clients and participants are on the ground – there is no riding of the horses.  It allows people to participate who have no prior equine experience.  Most sessions are task-oriented, where a task will be given to the individual or group.  While the task is being attempted, facilitators watch for equine and human body language which is discussed during and/or after the task.  EAGALA model EAP can help find solutions for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD symptom control, group/Corporate Team Building, and much more.  Performed by a licensed clinical therapist (i.e., marriage and family therapist MFT, licensed professional clinical counselor LPCC, licensed clinical social worker LCSW, licensed Pastor, etc) AND a qualified and certified equine professional.

We provide EAGALA services in several different populations.  Stable Survivors, a veterans Project, with the Modesto Vet Center.    We provided a Pilot project in partnership with Stanislaus County Office of Education for foster youth named Stable Kids.  Second Chances California served probationers through state AB109 funding with referrals from the Stanislaus County Probation Department.

We also provide community services for couples, families, individuals and at-risk youth.  We have therapists who utilize the arena for their clients as an adjunct for traditional talk therapy.  We work with several therapists who have their specialties and need the services.

New for 2016 is Stable Providers, a project for first responders.

Please Contact Us for more information OR schedule a Live Demonstration to observe, or participate in, the EAGALA model of equine assisted psychotherapy today!


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